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Figs are good for your Health

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This is the Fig tree which I posted last May and now starting to bear fruits. Fig trees are still quite costly expensive because of its new penetration in the Malaysian market. There are few hundreds of varieties but I am only interested to grow a few of its cultivar as I have very limited space in my compound. I prefer to grow in big pots because I want to maintain only in their medium size trees.

Benefit Of Figs




Pre Ramadhan Activities

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The beginning of this year started with the aftermath of the flood season in the coastal areas of the peninsula states.

Thereafter was the  hot and dry season as the nearby counties  of ASEAN regions were expecting the arrival of the El Nino  drought disaster. We in Malaysia had never experienced this humidity and drought since more than 30 years ago. It struck us with intense heat so much so  there are cases of heat stroke death but the statistics were not high. A few schools were closed and some schools were given directive by the Ministry Of Education not to hold activities in the field. All school activities were held  indoors.

Now the hot weather has changed with intermittent rains. Some states have not yet recovered the drop in water levels at the Reservoir.

What do all the above have in our family’s daily life ? The biggest impact is obviously in our garden. Some of the plants are striving the hot  climate. We have to water the plants extensively to make sure of their survival.

We are reorganising our gardens by repotting  some trees that are growing big and transferring the fig trees in front of the back porch.                            

We are looking forward to the fasting  month of Ramadhan where our outdoor gardening activities will be quite minimal  and restricted with baking.2016520075617




Flowers Blooming In This Hot Weather

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The hot weather is the most difficult time for gardening. This is because it can cause heat stroke. Some schools in the Northern states are requested to close by the Ministry Of Education.

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Weather is humid. Some plants are Withering . Some are fuiting well.

Berries fruiting season

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20141009104112My passion in growing berries is overwhelming. Looking at the fruitful trees had make me more that satisfied with my gardening effort even on a tiny scale task.


Holiday Season

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Traveling is my main agenda in this holiday season