Month: February 2010

Pineapple Recipe

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As I mentioned in my earlier  post, I will reveal some of my recipe collections which relates to pineapples…




1/2 bowl of white rice/nasi putih
1 tbl/sp cooking oil/minyak masak
1 medium sized chopped onion/bawang

1 piece shallot/bawang putih

8 pcs medium sized fresh prawns/udang segar
1 tea/sp pounded dried prawn/udang kering
1/2 cup chopped pineapples/nenas dipotong kecil

1/4 cup mixed vegetable/sayuran campur

1 tea/sp seasoning/serbuk perasa

a pinch of salt/garam halus


1. Saute onions until fragrant.

2. Add in dried prawns and fresh prawns.

3.Add rice and then stir , add together mixed-vege and chopped pineapple and mix well.

4. Put in seasoning and salt to taste.

5. Serve garnish with cut chillies and spring onions.


Pineapple Tarts My Favourite Homemade Cookies

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My niche market is selling Tarts  specifically rolled pineapple tarts  ( I will release a new product soon after this). This mouth-watering homemade cookies are popular because they are a favourite family snack as well as for entertaining guests and as parcel  gifts for others.

Mv plan is to sell online  Pineapple Tarts and other variety tarts……but that will materialise when the time comes!!!

For those who like to try cooking any dishes or making  snacks or deserts with pineapple, I will reveal these pineapple recipes in my future posts as I am compiling some recipes which I learned from my mother and some are  few recipes which I gathered from relatives, magazines and favourite tv channels.

Make Delicious tarts from Pineapple

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The pineapple fruit is so far the only bromeliad family that bears edible fruits. Its called a bromeliad because it comes from the word Bromelia , the enzyme mixture contain in the fruit.

You may wonder how pineapples are grown . There are  4 ways how to grow pineapple;-

1. By the slips that arise from the stalk below the fruits.

2.By the suckers that comes from the axil or leaves.

3. By the crown that grow from the top of the fruit.

4.By the ratoons that come out from the underground portion of the stems.

I personally used to  grow pineapple using the crown as I find it easier that way. The binomial name of Pineapple is Ananas Comosus. Derived from Southern Brazil and Paraguay and later spread by Columbus to Europe and Asia during his voyages.

Pineapple is a delicious fruit which  can be made bottled jam that can be spread on bread  or jam paste for cookies like Pineapple Tarts, a favourite family snack popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

These are results from the pineapple fruits….Pineapple Tarts that melts-in-your mouth.

Picture below is the pineapple paste which  I  made myself. It takes about 2 hours to cook this pineapple jam paste! ……….patience! …patience!…patience!

Pineapple Jam paste for making Pineapple Tarts

The pineapple fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that is good for the digestive system and helps in maintaining ideal weight and balanced nutrition . The pineapple fruit helps to  reduce swelling when there is inflammation in cases of arthritis, gouts, sore throat and even helps in acute sinusitis. However for this purpose you have to eat in between meals. Eating pineapple before or after will only helps you in the food digestion.


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Thank you for dropping by. This blog of mine features my hobbies in cooking (especially baking) and gardening. I love to make cookies and sold to friends, neighbours and relatives during festive seasons only because working life does not permit doing and selling cookies full-time all year round. There are few types of cookies that I made but the most popular request is Pineapple Tarts.

Some of my cookies product line

Recently I’ve pick up a new hobby sewing clothes and curtain. I attend classes to polish up my skill in sewing.

Following my husband’s work transfer in the Northern State  of Perlis , I stayed in the outskirts Kedah, an area where I am able to grow vegetables for own consumption but our neighbours also like to buy my vegetable products.

Products of my ‘green fingers’: Eggplant, chillies,  tomatoes,cucumber etc..

I love to eat fruits and vegetables and always make an effort to make desserts or snack during my past time. Any desserts or recipe with pineapple are my favourite. However pineapple are not suitable to be grown in poly bags.