Make Delicious tarts from Pineapple

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The pineapple fruit is so far the only bromeliad family that bears edible fruits. Its called a bromeliad because it comes from the word Bromelia , the enzyme mixture contain in the fruit.

You may wonder how pineapples are grown . There are  4 ways how to grow pineapple;-

1. By the slips that arise from the stalk below the fruits.

2.By the suckers that comes from the axil or leaves.

3. By the crown that grow from the top of the fruit.

4.By the ratoons that come out from the underground portion of the stems.

I personally used to  grow pineapple using the crown as I find it easier that way. The binomial name of Pineapple is Ananas Comosus. Derived from Southern Brazil and Paraguay and later spread by Columbus to Europe and Asia during his voyages.

Pineapple is a delicious fruit which  can be made bottled jam that can be spread on bread  or jam paste for cookies like Pineapple Tarts, a favourite family snack popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

These are results from the pineapple fruits….Pineapple Tarts that melts-in-your mouth.

Picture below is the pineapple paste which  I  made myself. It takes about 2 hours to cook this pineapple jam paste! ……….patience! …patience!…patience!

Pineapple Jam paste for making Pineapple Tarts

The pineapple fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that is good for the digestive system and helps in maintaining ideal weight and balanced nutrition . The pineapple fruit helps to  reduce swelling when there is inflammation in cases of arthritis, gouts, sore throat and even helps in acute sinusitis. However for this purpose you have to eat in between meals. Eating pineapple before or after will only helps you in the food digestion.