Pineapple Tarts My Favourite Homemade Cookies

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My niche market is selling Tarts  specifically rolled pineapple tarts  ( I will release a new product soon after this). This mouth-watering homemade cookies are popular because they are a favourite family snack as well as for entertaining guests and as parcel  gifts for others.

Mv plan is to sell online  Pineapple Tarts and other variety tarts……but that will materialise when the time comes!!!

For those who like to try cooking any dishes or making  snacks or deserts with pineapple, I will reveal these pineapple recipes in my future posts as I am compiling some recipes which I learned from my mother and some are  few recipes which I gathered from relatives, magazines and favourite tv channels.


2 thoughts on “Pineapple Tarts My Favourite Homemade Cookies

    una said:
    29/09/2010 at 5:48 am

    maklong, bleh x post recepi tart nenas lg skali?
    coz na puas cari resepi ri 2, ntah mane kertas 2.
    xsempat nak salin kat bku na
    tq maklong…

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