Month: September 2010

Health Tips and good eating behavior

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I just posted something  on managing  ideal weight recently. My ideas are still fresh in my mind so I will continue writing on something simple and relevant to it. Many of us forget about health and eat whatever type of  food there is. The busy schedule  makes us resort to eating fast foods.

Health tips below are easy to follow if you want to maintain ideal weight:-

1. Eat 3 meal per day ( with a balanced diet )

2. Avoid eating fried and fatty foods and high sugar snacks and drinks.

3. Eat single and smaller portions and do not opt for second servings.

4.Eat plenty of fruits especially pineapple , strawberry and green apple and lots of vegetables.

5.Drink 6-8 glasses of water.

6.Eat on at your kitchen or dinning table not while driving or watching TV or reading etc.

7.Eat only because you are hungry.

8. Eat drink more calorie free, caffeine free and sodium free food.

9.Eat low fat dairy like yogurt, high fiber cereals/crackers.

10.Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You can convert these activities by doing more household chores like  dusting, vacuuming, gardening  and cycling in the morning or evening.


Health and Nutrition to maintain ideal weight

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Are you practising a healthy life style? “We are what we eat”.

This is a logical phrase that we often hear people describe. Many of us  neglect our health and do not consider  proper nutrition. I am not a Nutritionist  nor a Dietician but I am always concern about my diet especially after looking at  the statistics of world obesity which has increased three-fold according to World Health Organization (WHO).

I am writing this post not to be advisor on health and nutrition but to share some health info and tips which has become an important part of my life. Do you know how much you should weigh? Well, take a look at  the Body Mass Index calculator (BMI) and check  the data best described as your BMI. The ideal weight for a person should not be more than 30 kg/m2  (  total weight over  height in meters squared) . If you get more than 30 falls under obesity.

Are we taking the appropriate amount of calorie every day? If you are a women you require 2000 calories a day. A man should take 2500 amount of calories per day. In order to manage your weight you should subtract 500 calories from your diet and increase your activities to lose weight. Always remember if you want to be successful you must plan for  success. What little things are you able to do now that you weren’t before  when you become obese?

In my next post I will share some health tips to maintain the ideal weight . Meanwhile let’s take a bite on my Pineapple Resipe a nutritious fruit salad.



1 cup cut riped pineapples./nenas

1 cup finely chopped strawberries/strawberi

1 cup seedless green grapes cut lengthwise/anggur hijau

1 1/2 cup pineapple juice

Be versatile in your cooking and make ”Pineapple with Shrimp and Chilli Paste”

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Hi, Its been long since I post anything. I’ve been very busy lately with attending courses on sewing ….clothes and curtains. I have future plans towards this profession when I move back to Shah Alam.  Coincidently with the recent  Eid celebration ie  Hari Raya Aidilfitri I have to pause all my other activities to concentrate on preparing orders for Pineapple and Strawberry Tart cookies.

I am not a  professional  chef. I prepare simple meals for my family. But when I put  food on the table I will make sure the meals look versatile and interesting to create good appetite to eat. Be versatile on the colours of your dishes. A good example add a few cuts of ripe pineapple on your meal you prepare as the golden colour will enhance the food presentation.

Let’s try something a little bit of hot and spicy dish.  Malaysians like to make ‘ sambal belacan” ie chilli paste pounded with shrimp. Add some ripe cut pineapples to it and you will love the aroma of the dish not to mention the mouth-watering taste !!!



1/2 cup  ripe pineapple/nenas masak

2 red chillies/cili merah

5 bird’s-eye chillies/ cili api

2cm shrimp paste/belacan

salt and sugar to taste/garam dan gula


Pound all chillies with shrimp paste,

Add salt and sugar,

Add pineapple cuts pound again and serve.


Some people like to grill a few minutes of the shrimp paste it taste better !!

Notes about this recipe: If you run out of idea what to prepare for lunch or dinner and your family likes something savoury and hot, this pineapple recipe is a good choice.