Be versatile in your cooking and make ”Pineapple with Shrimp and Chilli Paste”

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Hi, Its been long since I post anything. I’ve been very busy lately with attending courses on sewing ….clothes and curtains. I have future plans towards this profession when I move back to Shah Alam.  Coincidently with the recent  Eid celebration ie  Hari Raya Aidilfitri I have to pause all my other activities to concentrate on preparing orders for Pineapple and Strawberry Tart cookies.

I am not a  professional  chef. I prepare simple meals for my family. But when I put  food on the table I will make sure the meals look versatile and interesting to create good appetite to eat. Be versatile on the colours of your dishes. A good example add a few cuts of ripe pineapple on your meal you prepare as the golden colour will enhance the food presentation.

Let’s try something a little bit of hot and spicy dish.  Malaysians like to make ‘ sambal belacan” ie chilli paste pounded with shrimp. Add some ripe cut pineapples to it and you will love the aroma of the dish not to mention the mouth-watering taste !!!



1/2 cup  ripe pineapple/nenas masak

2 red chillies/cili merah

5 bird’s-eye chillies/ cili api

2cm shrimp paste/belacan

salt and sugar to taste/garam dan gula


Pound all chillies with shrimp paste,

Add salt and sugar,

Add pineapple cuts pound again and serve.


Some people like to grill a few minutes of the shrimp paste it taste better !!

Notes about this recipe: If you run out of idea what to prepare for lunch or dinner and your family likes something savoury and hot, this pineapple recipe is a good choice.


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