Healthy Eating of Vegetables and Fruits

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This is the last day of September. surprisingly I manage  to squeeze some  time, in fact couple of days to submit a few posts, something which I rarely have the time to do previously. However I have budgeted the time to research this subject as health, nutrition and weight management is  my main aim which set to achieve within the next 3 months!!!

Writing these posts means reminding myself that I am bound to follow what I write. Most importantly I must follow some quick tips religiously to maintain my ideal weight. ( My BMI has shot to 26! ) My ideal BMI is 25. Ooops!!! that’s quite high. Well I have to intensify my activities to burn calories and watch my diet. That means  loosing 7700 calories to lose 1 kg of  my body weight.  Sound’s like impossible to achieve. Like I mentioned in my previous posts I am not a person who like to diet. I eat what I like ,that’s the reason why I am what I eat… So, to get back my ideal  BMI I have to work hard in my weight management.

I am now starting  to draw line in my calorie intake and follow these quick tips on eating lots of vegetables and fruits by :-

1. Keeping my kitchen stocked with ingredients from the Healthy Eating Pyramid… concentrate on vegetables , fruits and protein. Always keeping  fruits like pineapple, strawberries, bananas, apple etc on the table and at the front rows in my fridge. This is one way I will always eat it.

2.Taking my daily meals by filling half the plate with vegetables of  other varieties.

3.Choosing vegetables and fruits that are packed with more nutrients and slow digested carbs.

4. Trying to cook a health recipe that always include pineapple that can be eaten raw, making a dish, or even snack.

5.Taking at least low-fat dairy products with less sodium as health snack like yogurt and fiber cereals.

I just made a pineapple recipe and  using strawberries which is a health snack.



1/2 cup cut pineapples

1/2 cup strawberries  cut lengthwise

1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice

3/4 cup plain low-fat yogurt


Combine all ingredients.

Put in a blender.

Puree at medium speed until thick and smooth.

Place about 15 mins in the fridge and serve.


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