Pineapple Recipe with Prawns

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Pineapple with Prawns in Coconut Cream

Masak Lemak Nenas Bersama Udang


1 Semi ripe pineapple/ nenas separuh masak

1 bowl  coconut cream

250 gm Prawn size M/udang bersaiz sedang

5 pcs bird’s eye chilies/ cili  burung/api

Anchovies/ikan bilis

salt and sugar /garam dan gula

red cilies /cili merah

1 pc lemon grass/ serai

1 large onion} sliced

5 red onions    }pound with shallots

2 pcs shallots      }


1) Cut pineapple 1.5cm thick .

2)Cook  onions pounded with chilies, lemon grass  and 1/4 portion of coconut cream on slow fire .

3)Insert anchovies and prawns stir on medium fire.

4)Last but not least add pineapple ,salt and sugar, stir 10 minutes, add balance 3/4 portion of coconut cream until well cook.

5)Serve and garnish with red chilies.


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