Month: February 2012

Home Gardening Project – Go Go Green

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I’m a home owner with very limited green space for me to grow flowers and food for the kitchen. However I have managed to really harvest the food of my labour even though on a very small consumption. I have planted some tomatoes, chillies, african eggplant and now growing passionfruit.

I grow my chillies in a big black polibag to ensure the plant grow healthily with lost of compost and organic fertilizer.

This african eggplant is a rare species in Malaysia and I obtained the seedling by chance from a relative. The texture of this food is thick and smootie. Nice to eat when added in fish curry.

This passionfruit is grown from the seed of the fruits I had eaten, My husband made supporting trellies against the wire fence since this is a creeper plant. Just wondering how long do I have to wait for the first fruiting season.

Remember the honey pineapple I was talking about some time last year. I hope it will bear fruit even when planted in a big pot.