Month: March 2012

Positive Parenting

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Are your children having healthy Nutrition for them to become positive children or Global Kid?
Are you aware where your children are?
Are your children misbehaving for the lack of love and attention from their parent?

Children is not without curiosity to try to do something that they sometimes do not realize is inviting disaster. They are human beings too hence do not expect them to remain quiet, sitting down and giving them spankings when they misbehave.We as parents may have specific rules and regulations for the safety and well-being of our children, we want the best for their future. We should try not to impose strong discipline at their age.

The first six years of a growing child is very crucial for the brain development. Let them play because these activities will build their minds. In fact, parents ought to play games with them as an opportunity to connect with your child and teach them lessons to be receptive and alert them of any mishaps due to their actions.

Some working parents work hard on their children and impose punitive measures when the rules they set for their children are not met . They have overlooked the love and affection that is due on their return from work as they may be stressed or too busy with the house errand.