Month: September 2012

Let’s Shape Up

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Its been over the Ramadhan Fasting months more than a month since. Somehow people in Kuala Lumpur and around Shah Alam where I stay seems to be celebrating Eidul Fitri a month too. Here there and every where there are open houses and we have somehow forgotten to detox ourselves.

I make it a habit to take fresh pineapple cuts and munch them before a heavy meal. Drink pineapple juice after my meals is what I normally do especially after enjoying home cooked meals of beef or lamb steak . This helps to quench my thirst and suppress the oil and other over caloried food I’ve consumed.

Having said about the mentioned food and drinks above, exercise is foremost important. I have resumed my morning walk and jog twice a week with my neighbour. We will feel refreshed and lighter after a heavy sweat upon finishing the exercises. Now I’m beginning to shape Up !!!