Month: December 2012

Today is 2012 2012

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Nothing much to post today but just to type something on a memory lane.Its been 2 years on this date my husband and I moved back to our home in Selangor. And today marked the 2nd year of my husbands retirement year. What a significant number to remember 2012 2012! I’ll cook something special today.


December Fruiting Season. Today is 12-12-2012

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Its been a month I have not posted any entry on this blog. I have been busy though but could not spare the time to write something. However, today since the number is so significant 12-12-12, I manage to pick up the courage to type not about tarts cookies but about Malaysian delicacies consistng of cakes, puddings and crepes deriving from the King of Malaysian Fruit which is Durian,