Working Hard at my Garden and Holiday With Family

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I have lost touch when I last posted any entries on this page only to realise its been few months lapse. Luckily my plants are surviving with little maintenance.

Now that I remember sometime between April to May this year, in actual fact I had just finished doing some minor renovations on the house involving the front kitchen and wall fence including tiles flooring for the front car potch that I have not written any updates.

Its such a big do for us . A lot of shuffling of the household kitchen items and paintings to do as well. Not to mention the cleaning especially the scrubbing of the leftovers of some cement works done by the contractors.

In the earlier part of the renovation work I  was down with asthma . The tiny particals from the cutting and grinding of the tiles are so unbearable and I am very sensitive towards this environment .

Towards the month of July is the fasting month and thats the time I have been busy baking cookies ordered by customers for the Eidul Fitri celebration. This year I only took orders for rolled pineapple tarts and double chocolate shortbread cookies.

In September we went for a Holiday trip to Langkawi Island together with my other siblings and their family members.


Wild Orchids

It’s only after October I have time space to look into my backyard small garden reshuffling some pots and plants and some manuring which have been overdue.


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