Assorted Pineapple and Strawberry Tarts

Ramadhan Activities.Baking Pineapple and Assorted Strawberry and Pineapple Tarts Cookies.

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Assalam to visitors who drop by this blog of mine. This fasting month is one of the busiest month of the year for me. It is also the moment where I wished every month is like Ramadhan. I’m not thinking of the business aspects but the blessings and rewards Ramadhan has to offer provided we fully adhered to the teachings and rulings of Islam.

In the morning I go for “Tadarus” an event we gathered together and recite the Quran and check each other’s recitings and understand the meaning of the Quran versus..

When I return home after Tadarus I started with my baking activities. I have started to receive orders for my Pineapple roll tart cookies prior to the month of Ramadhan. However I do not make it a point to bake every morning. Sometimes I’ll take a rest first and began baking in the afternoon depending on when the situation is convenient to me and my assistant who is my husband.

This year I only assemble 2 types of cookies ie. Pineapple roll tarts and Assorted roll tarts.
RM27/btl of 50pcs

In the late afternoon I begin preparing for the ” Berbuka Puasa” a break fasting menu. I do not like to rush a last minute preparation as I will miss some good TV programmes prior to that,

At night after Isya’ prayers there’s a “Terawih” prayers to attend. Sometimes I perform at the nearest Mousolah/surau near my house but I also occasionally perform the terawih prayers at home.

After coming back from Terawih prayers my pineapple tarts which I baked during the day has cooled off, I start doing the packing and labelling. My pineapple tarts are packed in plastic bottle containers in 50 pieces per bottle priced at RM 27/bottle.

Some of the ready packed tarts cookies for order received before Ramadhan.

At 4.00am I wake up early to prepare the ” Sahur” a pre dawn menu for those who are fasting. My family normally starts our meal at 5.10am. While waiting I’ll take a few moment to perform some sunnat prayers .


New Early Bird Offer for 30 days only.

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Hi , I just released this season offer which consist of 2 bottle container of 40 pieces of assorted pineapple and strawberry roll tarts and a bottle of 50 pieces of pineapple tarts. The prices of each are:

1 container bottle 40pieces of assorted pineapple and strawberry tarts is RM16
1 container bottle 52pieces of pineapple tarts is RM24.

The above offer is valid for 30 DAYS starting today. After that it will be priced at RM18 and RM25 respectively.