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Who Am I Not To Be

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Welcome 2012. I have not posted any entries this year as I was busy with my family errands. My son entered a foundation course in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Malaysia) in the middle of January just lately.

I am in the process of intergrating (hope I apply this word correctly!) my hobbies of bakery and gardening aspects into a webpage. I have created a page in my Facebook recently under the name of Norri Bake and NRK Garden . Feel free to visit these 2 pages not forgetting to “like” them and I’ll be writing further  about my online cookies….

Both my husband and I are slowly converting our outdoor backyard into a presentably nice and not too overcrowded landscape. We’ve started transferring some potted plants especially the bougainvilleas alongside the wire fence.


Baking and Gardening Activity for 2011

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Hi, I’ve been busy starting my home gardening project. I process my own seedlings from the vegetables and fruits I prefer like mango tree, chillies and zucchini also some pots of flowering plants and herbs.

My activity planner for 2011 is simple ie….Baking for this coming festive season ie Hari Raya or Eidul Fitri celebration and at the same time start my Home Garden project growing vegetable, fruit trees not forgetting some flowering plants to create a cheerful and happening outlook at my backyard.

Since I moved back home I haven’t been busy baking execpt for an engagement party which is a small order of strawberry tarts and blueberry cheese tarts.

Cooking Tips :- to make a good crusty pie or base for tarts always refrigerate your flour, butter salted or unsalted, most importantly ice-cold water. Would be even better if you can keep your mixing bowl in the refrigerator for a while!

Cookies That Melts In The Mouth

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HAPPY NEW YEAR. Today is 1-1-11.

In order to make home made cookies that melts in the mouth always use egg yolks . Wash all the eggs, clean and wipe it  dry  before removing or separating the yolk. I use egg yolk in my Pineapple Tarts and Strawberry Tarts. The egg yolks in your cookies bind the dough and add richness and also give a soft crisp texture  after baking  and  melting effect (as it folded in with butter and flour)  in your mouth.

With the exception of riboflavin and niacin, the yolk contains a higher proportion of the eggs vitamins than the white. Egg yolks are one of the few foods naturally containing vitamin D.

  • 1 egg = 1 tbsp (15 mL) egg yolk
  • 1 cup (250 mL) = 14 egg yolks

Baking and Cooking Tips

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Thank you for those who drop by and read my entries on this simple blog in 2010. I am not aiming to make profit this year writing this blog but  just as an expression of what I have passion in doing. I have something which I have planned to do next year on my homemade cookies and tarts and I hope it works as I will be moving back to Shah Alam following my husband’s optional (early) retirement.

I wish to apologise some of the Pineapple recipes I attached do not have photos as they are from my family’s collection which I did not expect I will blog about.  However next year  ie. tomorrow onwards I will add a new category on baking and cooking tips regardless whether cooking with or without pineapple  as the ingredient.