My holiday trip to Kashmir.

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In April this year I joined 2 of my classmate of my college days to spend our holiday in Kashmir. Such beautiful climate as the snow were slowly fading away , the blossoming tulips, the beautiful local people not to miss the beautiful sceneries either.


Hazy Weather and More Weddings.

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There’s haze everywhere in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam where I stay. Visibily is quite scarce when we drive through the highway. Despite the rain that comes occasionally there’s not much of a difference . I have to be careful not to expose myself out there as I’ve quite recently recovered from my Asthma .

A week ago saw the School Holiday Season and there weddings here and every where. I’ve been busy with orders for weddings and engagement’s gift for order for Strawberry Tarts and Pineapple Tarts.

Drink Plenty Of water and Eat Fresh Pineapple

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There’s Haze everywhere this time around the area where I stay. The weather lately is very dry and dusty. Its advisable I take a cold bath at predawn before Subuh prayer and religiously drink exceptionally more plain water than I really do now to avoid dehydration. Not forgetting is my favourite fruit fresh pineapple. I incorporate pineapple in a lot of my daily chores for example in my cili paste ie “Sambal Belachan Nenas”, yellow thick gravy of “Masak Lemak Cili Api Nenas with Prawns”…hmmm yummy so delicious.

Haze in Kuala Lumpur

In these hazy weather condition I have to be very careful not to catch asthma again. I had a tough experience when I was down with asthma during my Umrah Pilgrimage this year in February when the weather in Medina was cold.

Home Gardening Project – Go Go Green

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I’m a home owner with very limited green space for me to grow flowers and food for the kitchen. However I have managed to really harvest the food of my labour even though on a very small consumption. I have planted some tomatoes, chillies, african eggplant and now growing passionfruit.

I grow my chillies in a big black polibag to ensure the plant grow healthily with lost of compost and organic fertilizer.

This african eggplant is a rare species in Malaysia and I obtained the seedling by chance from a relative. The texture of this food is thick and smootie. Nice to eat when added in fish curry.

This passionfruit is grown from the seed of the fruits I had eaten, My husband made supporting trellies against the wire fence since this is a creeper plant. Just wondering how long do I have to wait for the first fruiting season.

Remember the honey pineapple I was talking about some time last year. I hope it will bear fruit even when planted in a big pot.

Flood In Thailand

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The disastrous flood in Thailand seems to be never ending. I prayed and hope this calamity will not happen in Malaysia. And I also prayed that the flood will subside gradually in Bangkok. The economic impact not only affected their local citizen but also indirectly trade and commerce in Malaysia as quite a number of consumer items are imported from Thailand. Schools and offices are closed, hence education is badly affected.

Other that the daily consumption items like rice Malaysia also depended alot of its vegetable and fruits like pineapple and citrus fruits from Thailand.

New Early Bird Offer for 30 days only.

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Hi , I just released this season offer which consist of 2 bottle container of 40 pieces of assorted pineapple and strawberry roll tarts and a bottle of 50 pieces of pineapple tarts. The prices of each are:

1 container bottle 40pieces of assorted pineapple and strawberry tarts is RM16
1 container bottle 52pieces of pineapple tarts is RM24.

The above offer is valid for 30 DAYS starting today. After that it will be priced at RM18 and RM25 respectively.

Happy Mother’s Day

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To all mother’s in the whole wide world Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday 08/05/2011, I am blessed to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my other siblings at my Mother’s house. This is the first time in many years all of my mom’s daughters and a son are here together.

We recited the holy Quran verse of the ” Yaasin” and followed by our lunch potluck party. Thereafter it was followed by Birthday parties for all babies in the family born in March, April and May, a family tradition we practised  for a reason to get together periodically.

We exchanged Birthday gifts. As the grand finale we presented a Big present to mother ie a Wheelchair. She suffers pain in both leg and have difficulty in walking properly and standing on both feet. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAK WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!