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I would like to announce the change of the business niche from home made tart cookies to the diversity of the cakes and other local delicacies . I will resume the tart cookies only when the situation permits.

This is due to the condition of my right hand ankle suffering from sprain ever since 3 months ago. I have not been able to handle manually the pineapple and strawberry jam which needs total usage and my right hand. Furthermore these cookies also need to be rolled individual,ly also using my right hand. My right hand is not totally redundant however, but these repetitive movements are causing severe and intense pain.

I have visited 3 doctors for consultation. 1 was given different diagnoses but all 3 doctors gave the same types of medication ie the pain killers. Subsequently due to avoiding my dependencies on these medications , I have reduced down on taking pain killers on occasions only when the pain is severe and intensive.