Today is 5/10/2015 and the Hazy Weather

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20151005084117We had a great time today visiting the biggest bread making factory ie Gardenia. My Muslimah society clicks organised this great event today. I had a hands on eye witnessing experience watching how breads, buns and sweet rolls are made in a large production scale. At the end of the visit we were handed each a goody bag of what this factory produces ie waffles, scotch and raisin bread,  chocolate spread and some rolls.20151005125143

So much for the visit later then that we have to brave the hazy atmosphere around us on our way home. We have been in this situation for quite a few weeks.


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Baking and Gardening has been my daily tasks which I never fail to miss if I do not have to attend my religious classes.

However for the month of  August was the busiest months of all.  On top of handling huge orders of tart cookies and steamed fruit cakes I have to make sure my garden is well taken care of.

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Today is the 6th day of Eidul Fitri. I missed the month of June posting as I was busy with orders for Rolled Pineapole Tarts for this celebration marking the end of Ramadhan.

A Fruitful Month

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Something went wrong with my hand phone. My 2 months ago post entries went missing misteriously.

However this month I key in my entry in my lap top.I have indulged in my gardening tasks since early of this year with a few baking order from friends and neighbours.

My vegetable garden started to bear fruits. My fig tree, mulberry trees and tomato cherries  have rewarded my efford handsomely and I have even given some of the harvest to friends and my mother.


Bread , Buns and Rolls

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2015211060816February is a bread making month for me. Suddenly I become obsessed with bread making.  I made cinnamon rolls, red bean buns, custard buns and white bread loaf.2015201080737-2

Happy New Year 2015.

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Another year wiser for me. The beginning of 2015 started with shattered rain. The good part of it is this kind of weather helps boost up my plants n veggies which I started to grow towards end of last year.

Long Beans
Look how my Long beans have started to bloom into flowers and soon the beans will sprout.2015102085059

Heavy Rain and Floods in the coastal areas

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2015102085003_1The continuous rain in the country has now flooded some of the coastal areas and the river side areas. The water level has risen to alarming marks. More than 100 thousands of people have been rescued to Transit center at schools and central halls of various districts. Hopefully the flood will subside soonest possible.

Eventually the raining season in my area have beneficially speed up the growing span of my plants and vegetables. Just look at my tomato plants.